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Here are some of the issues that Mike and Sara will address:

Appropriate Budgeting

The Darien Board of Education must operate on a budget that is responsible to taxpayers while allowing our schools the flexibility to be responsive to both current and future district needs. (Read More)

Improving Outdated and Inadequate School Facilities

Facilities are an important factor in teaching and learning.  (Read More)

Regionalization of Schools

Mike and Sara are both strongly opposed to mandated regionalization of Darien's schools.  (Read More)

Diversity and Inclusion

Discrimination is a very layered issue that does not have an easy solution.  (Read More)

Developing the Whole Child

We must ensure that the mental health of Darien’s children is carefully considered and supported from start to finish. (Read More)

Understanding the Impact of Covid-19 on our Children’s Education

There is nothing more important than ensuring that all children continue their academic growth through these turbulent times.  (Read More)

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