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Diversity and Inclusion

Unfortunately, this past year has proven that Darien is not immune to issues of racism or anti-semitism. Discrimination is a very layered issue that does not have an easy solution. Effective systemic change takes a long time. However, there are immediate steps that our district can take immediately to ensure that Darien’s students are best able to be a part of the global society when they graduate to less protective communities. The first is actively working to hire more teachers of color, and of different religions, different sexual orientations and different backgrounds. Our children need to see people other than the majority in leadership and as role models. We must make every effort to ensure that we are attracting a wide array of excellent candidates. We have to make sure that Darien is an enticing and supportive place to work for each employee employed by the District. We are in favor of examining our Pre-K to 12 curriculum through various lenses to make sure that our children have an understanding of and exposure to different viewpoints and norms. Our students must learn how to critically think about information presented to them, and we must be sure they are presented with the whole picture. 


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