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Improving Outdated and Inadequate School Facilities

Facilities are an important factor in teaching and learning. No one should have to work and learn in less than ideal conditions. Bright, spacious and inviting spaces will promote better teaching and learning at all levels. For the past four years in my roles as Holmes PTO chair, and Co-Chair of the Council of Darien School Parents, I have been very vocal about the need for the Board of Education to continue working to improve our facilities. We are lucky to have some tremendous assets in Darien, but we also have buildings that are outdated, and need significant renovation. Hindley, Holmes and Royle need to be sized appropriately for their populations. Portables need to be eliminated. Libraries need to be updated. We have seen many capital projects deferred which puts more stress on our facilities and future budgets. The new Ox Ridge School will be spectacular, but that is only one of seven school buildings. This area needs more focus, a concrete plan, and a timeline, for our community to understand what will be accomplished and when we can expect these projects to start. 

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