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Appropriate Budgeting

The Darien Board of Education must operate on a budget that is responsible to taxpayers while allowing our schools the flexibility to be responsive to both current and future district needs. Budgets must balance innovation and excellence with efficiencies and accountability. Fiscally conservative budgets are necessary in the current environment, but the Board of Education must also ensure that Darien maintains progress to best serve the needs of all learners. The District’s contractual obligations and fixed costs are the major drivers of the budget, and Covid-related expenses may be great. When making tough budgetary decisions, I will make sure that we do our best to maintain programming and staff. That requires a significant investment, and I am willing to fight for it. We cannot be penny wise and pound foolish. Our schools are facing challenges that we have never seen before. Our teachers and staff are Darien Public Schools’ most valuable asset. We must support them with everything we can. Every decision I make will align with the best interests of students and staff as the first priority, not politics. Kids First. Always. 

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